About Endocrine Laboratory And Research Institute

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Endocrine laboratory and Research Institute is one of the leading 'Invitro' Allergy testing laboratory and most trusted names in Pathology Diagnostic and that's why we work consistently to give quality report, cost effective, error free and timely laboratory services to ensure superior customer service and is grown continuously due to its customer-oriented approach and is most preferred laboratory in India.

For Quality control we follow the guidelines of NABL and perform daily control for each instrument and every parameter which ensures accurate and reliable result.

Endocrine Laboratory has extensive information for the diagnostic, analysis of special tests on over various diseases and conditions. There are also lists of special tests and special machines for testing available.

Endocrine Laboratory is multi-specialty laboratory and is equipped with state-of-the-art instrument which includes Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Genetics, Molecular and General Pathology, precise testing method & well-trained staff to ensure top quality services and provide quality reports as quickly as possible without compromising with quality.

The company owns a chain of Diagnostic centers across India and Company enjoys a loyal customer base, reflecting its strength as a brand offering superior diagnostic tests and services. These tests are uses for prediction, diagnostic screening, early detection and monitoring of the disease. We offer access to one of the best Diagnostic Pathology services in India through our nationwide network of clinical/medical laboratories and lab patient service centers.


Provide state-of-the-art diagnostic pathology services and to deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities we serve with effective usage of diagnostic expertise, knowledge base and latest technology.


To deliver highest quality diagnostic services and to move the field of Pathology forward without compromising on the ethics while pursuing our goal and we are committed to serve our Patients, our Society and our Health Care Partners by providing accurate test results by combining most modern technology and a skilled worked force.


  • Clinical Excellence
  • Expert Diagnosis
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Research and Education

At Endocrine Laboratory we ensure that the quality management system laid down its assessed at fixed interval to ensure that it meets the compliance and requirements through internal audits, external audits and Accreditations audit.

At Endocrine, continuous efforts are taken for improvising our services and reducing the complaints which includes

  • Patient feedback
  • Clinician/Hospital Feedback
  • Complaint Analysis
  • Analysis of Turn around Time
  • Pre analytical error identified during sample reception
  • Pre analytical error identified during sample registration/accessioning