Allergy Testing Laboratory

Endocrineallergy is the pioneering laboratory in India, commencing allergy testing in 1990 with a groundbreaking method utilizing a single blood sample. To date, we have analyzed over 760,000 samples, establishing ourselves as leaders in the field.

Our allergy detection methodology employs Capture ELISA with biotinylated allergens, covering a comprehensive range including food, inhalants, contact substances, and drugs. We extend our services to both humans and pets, ensuring comprehensive care for all.

We offer a diverse range of testing packages to accommodate varying needs. These packages encompass specific profiles tailored to different allergen categories, such as food, inhalants, drugs, and combinations thereof. Our offerings include:

  • Food only (Vegetarian Food)
  • Non-vegetarian food only
  • Inhalants only
  • Drugs only
  • Vegetarian food along with non-vegetarian food
  • Vegetarian food along with drugs
  • Vegetarian food along with inhalants
  • Vegetarian food, inhalants, and non-vegetarian food
  • Vegetarian food, inhalants, and drugs
  • Vegetarian food, inhalants, drugs, and non-vegetarian food
  • Immunotherapy (vaccine)

At Endocrineallergy, we prioritize efficiency, ensuring prompt processing of test samples to facilitate patient compliance. Our commitment to accuracy in reporting enables us to provide patients with relief from their symptoms at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, we are proud to introduce the latest technology for allergy testing, the Allergy Explorer (ALEX). This advanced technology offers detailed allergy reports, enabling patients to identify specific allergens within a product. By understanding their allergens, patients can develop effective avoidance strategies.

For comprehensive information on the allergens tested across our various panels, please refer to the accompanying file titled “KNOW YOUR ALLERGENS.” Additionally, to preview the appearance of your CRD report, access the file provided.

At Endocrineallergy, we remain dedicated to leveraging innovation and expertise to deliver optimal allergy testing and management solutions for our patients.