VITROS 5600 Integrated System

VITROS 5600 Integrated System

5 patented technology with Dry Chemistry

This Integrated System Is Designed To Run Clinical Chemistry And Immunoassay Testing With A Throughput Of Over 900 Tests Per Hour.

Clinical Chemistry And Immunoassay Menu Unite To Power Lab

The reliable system that you can depend on

Think of the VITROS 5600 as your lab workhorse. It combines a comprehensive clinical chemistry and immunoassay menu of over 160 assays – all on a single integrated platform, delivering high quality, productivity and value to your lab. The VITROS 5600 is designed to help you efficiently consolidate critical testing to deliver quality and timely results to the physicians and patients who depend on you.

Drive Quality, Reliability And Value

Consolidate critical testing

High throughput covers 99% of the testing volume of a typical lab.

Drive productivity

Expect greater time savings with a first-pass yield of 96.5%, so you can get the right result the first time with less time spent on tech and analyzer repeats.

Conduct intelligent sample management

Sample-centered processing allows for intelligent sample management of chemistry and immunoassay tests to occur independently and in parallel without the need to transport or aliquot the sample.

Improve reliability

Have confidence that your system will be up and running with our 98% in-service guarantee* rated No. 1 in overall service performance for six years in a row.

Maximize uptime

Seamless E-CONNECTIVITY® Technology [LINK: Ortho Care Intel page] minimizes the impact of unscheduled maintenance and provides predictive data intelligence to keep you informed.

Beckman Coulter DXH 800

6-Part Hematology Analyzer

The DxH 800 offers Fast, Reliable, Quality Hematology Analysis and provides sophisticated comprehensive testing in a single aspiration. By combining several analytical methods for real-time testing, this system helps overcome sample challenges and eliminates steps, simplifying processes for technologists.

Reduce manual reviews

Increase laboratory efficiency

Enhance testing capabilities

Beckman Coulter DXH 800
VITROS 7600 Integrated System

VITROS 7600 Integrated System

This Integrated System Offers a Full Chemistry and Immunoassay Menu to Meet Your Lab’s Testing Needs With Automation Scaling Options And Valuable Informatics Features.This Integrated System Offers a Full Chemistry and Immunoassay Menu to Meet Your Lab’s Testing Needs With Automation Scaling Options And Valuable Informatics Features.

High-Volume Testing with Advanced Technology to Enhance Lab’s Efficiency

Trust in precise results

Digital chemistry increases the precision and quality of the results by detecting and deleting outliers from the response calculation using 3D imaging.

Get the right result the first time

Experience high throughput, up to 1,320 tests per hour, with XT MicroSlides.

Maximize uptime

Seamless E-CONNECTIVITY® Technology minimizes the impact of unscheduled maintenance and provides predictive data intelligence to keep you informed.

Maximize patient samples

Just a 2.7 µL sample size is enough, making the VITROS XT 7600 perfectly suited for small samples.

Micro Slide

Proprietary dry chemistry testing technology that increases accuracy and precision due to its interference filtering layered design. Its stable, dry format enables a long shelf.

Micro Tip

Eliminates the risk of sample carryover and reagent-to-reagent contamination by using single-use tips with less intervention for special chemistry menu and user-defined assays.

Micro Sensor

Automatically detects endogenous interferences and identifies sample quality concerns without the need for additional reagents and with no impact on throughput, protecting patients and providing confidence in results with less intervention.

XT Micro Slide

Evolving the VITROS MicroSlide technology by placing two tests on one slide, 12 of the most common tests can be carried out on just six VITROS XT MicroSlides, doubling the testing output. Powered by DIGITAL CHEMISTRY™ Optics Technology, it saves time and space in the lab and increases productivity with less patient sample required for testing.

Micro Well

Enhanced chemiluminescence detection technology enables wide dynamic ranges and improves light signal output. Delivers excellent immunoassay sensitivity and precision with fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats and redraws.


Delivers real-time process monitoring, including sample indices, with fully documented traceability to protect result integrity and minimize workflow disruptions. Provides smooth, effortless and transparent reporting of diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing.

LabUMat 2 & Urised 3 PRO

UriSed 3 is a professional automated urine sediment analyzer with a revolutionary new optical system combining bright-field and phase contrast microscopy. It offers a uniquely advanced visualization and recognition of formed elements in a urine sample. By automating the traditional gold standard method of sediment analysis, it increases reliability, improves work-flow and decreases turnaround time. UriSed 3 can be connected to the LabUMat 2 Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer which evaluates 13 parameters.

LabUMat 2 & Urised 3 PRO



Automated Sample Loader

Intelligent, Integrated Rack Sampling

Automatic Rerun & Reflex functionality

BD Microtainer MAP Tube compatible

ORTHO Workstation blood transfusion system

Built Around Proven Column Agglutination Technology, ORTHO Workstation Is A Compact Two-In-One Blood Testing System That Combines A Centrifuge And Incubator In A Footprint Of Only Approximately Two Square Feet. With It, You Can Deliver The High Level Of Accuracy Your Patients Deserve With Ease And Efficiency.

The ORTHO Workstation is the only compact blood testing system with reliable ORTHO BioVue® System column agglutination technology (CAT) for blood banking with confidence. From blood typing and antibody screening to titrations, it’s engineered to give you precise, rapid results so you can provide top-quality care to your patients. Because Every Test Is A LifeTM

Increase efficiency

Deliver precise results

The proven ORTHO BioVue® System technology delivers an objective interpretation of results

Maximize uptime

Work error-free

With features such as incubator temperature monitoring and error code intelligence for troubleshooting, you reduce the chances of error.

Ensure consistent performance

ORTHO Workstation blood transfusion system