In 1992 Endocrine Laboratory was the first in India to introduce the concept of inter laboratory reference testing within the state and outside of state.

We are the first laboratory in India to start Invitro Allergy tests in 1998. Complete allergy detection from serum sample. So far we have tested over 330,000 samples for allergy. We have also provided desensitization therapy & guidance to over 32,000 patients.

In 2001 we had installed VARIANT Express from Biorad, USA. VARIANT is HPLC technology for accurate and precise quantification of HBA2, HBF, Sicklecell and HBA1C. VARIANT is worldwide proven instrument for Thalessemia, sicklecell and HBA1C detection.

Complete range of Hormonal testing is done on ADVIA Centaur from USA.

Flowcytometry introduced for the first time in Gujart for detection of CD4 CD8 to monitor HIV treatment and HLAB27 for spondolytis by FLOWCYTOMETER

In 2008 We installed advance HBA1C Detector machine called D-10 from Biorad